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How do I get off the Sex Offender Registry?

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Firm News

Believe it or not, Indiana law provides an avenue for a Sex Offender to be removed from the Sex Offender Registry.

The Indiana Sex Offender Registry has been in existence or over 25 years.  Over that 25 years, the Indiana Legislature has changed the convictions eligible for inclusion on the Registry and increased the length certain offenders must remain on the Sex Offender Registry.  Many people convicted before the Registry’s existence have later been forced to register under Indiana Law.  It is a consequence that no one — not even the Defendant’s lawyer – recognized at the time.  Yet, despite that, Indiana courts have upheld that in MOST circumstances requiring someone to register is legal even though their conviction predates the Registry’s existence.  Many offenders have just accepted this fate rather than try to fight the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Dorie has obtained relief for many Offenders who have been required to register longer than the Department of Corrections has mandated.  These Offenders have been long rehabilitated and the Registry is proving a real hinderance to maintaining a productive, happy life.  Sometimes, these Offenders have been wrongfully categorized by the Department of Corrections and they should never have been required to Register.

The statutes are complex but Dorie has done so many of these that she can probably tell you in a phone call if you are eligible for relief.  Call or email today and schedule a consultation.  Chances are, Dorie will answer her own phone.  She usually does.