Aggressive Advocacy From An Experienced Lawyer

No legal matter is easy to face. Whether you were charged with a crime or are considering divorce, life can feel frightening and overwhelming. At a time like this, your lawyer should make things better — not worse. Your lawyer should be your biggest advocate: willing to help you understand the legal process and ready to fight for you no matter how difficult your circumstances may seem. At Maryan Law, LLC, in Indianapolis, this is exactly what you will get.

I am attorney Dorie A. Maryan. With 15 years of legal experience, I understand Indiana law and how to use it to my clients' advantage. Just as important, however, I understand the stress associated with any legal matter. I will personally guide you through the process, step by step, making sure you always feel in control.

How I Can Help You

I handle criminal defense and family law matters. No matter which type of issue you are faced with, I know you need an aggressive advocate on your side. I will explain your options while making sure your rights are protected. I will help you address the issues affecting your life today, and will assist you in preparing for those that could arise in the future. My goal is always to find a favorable resolution to your case.

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In a free initial consultation, I will review your case and begin helping you determine what steps to take first. To schedule a time to meet, please call my office at 317-245-8629 or fill out an online contact form.