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Criminal Defense For Rape And Sexual Assault Charges

If you have been accused of a sex crime, your future could be on the line. A dedicated and experienced criminal defense attorney and rape lawyer can help you fight to maintain your innocence, protect your rights and preserve your future. Attorney Dorie Maryan at Maryan Law, LLC, defends clients in Bargersville, Greenwood and Johnson County, providing quality representation and dedicated advocacy for those who have been charged with sex crimes.

Protect Yourself From Rape Allegations And Hire An Experienced Lawyer

Rape allegations and accusations of sexual misconduct can follow you around forever and require registration as a sex offender, even if you were unaware that you were committing a crime. In the state of Indiana, you can be charged with rape if:

  • You have sex with a minor, even if you’re still a teenager: Anyone under the age of 16 can’t consent to sex. If you’re over the age of 18, you can be convicted of rape, even if intercourse was “consensual.”
  • You have sex with a partner who hasn’t given consent: “Date-rape” refers to engaging in intercourse with a romantic partner who hasn’t given consent. This also applies to romantic partners who have revoked sexual consent.
  • You have sex with someone who is intoxicated or impaired: A person must be coherent at the time consent was given. If a person doesn’t remember giving consent, then consent wasn’t given.

Accusations of rape can damage your reputation even if you are never convicted of the alleged crime. If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, contact a rape defense attorney as soon as possible to start mitigating the damage. An experienced criminal defense attorney can review the details of your case, make sure that your constitutional rights are protected and help you build a strong defense to fight the accusations against you.

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