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Criminal Defense For Domestic Violence

Attorney Dorie Maryan at Maryan Law, LLC, is a domestic violence lawyer who has over 20 years of experience in the legal profession. As a criminal defense attorney and domestic assault lawyer, she regularly defends clients in Bargersville, Greenwood and Johnson County. She also takes on cases involving protective orders, domestic battery, domestic assault and expungements.

What Does A Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Do?

Not every domestic violence situation begins with criminal charges. Oftentimes, alleged victims of domestic violence will file for a restraining or protective order. If you have been served with a petition or have an upcoming court hearing regarding a domestic situation and there is a pending order for protection, it is important to seek the counsel and advice of a criminal defense attorney. An active order for protection can interfere with visitation rights and can lead to additional potential legal consequences down the road. In addition to defending against criminal charges for domestic violence or domestic battery, a domestic violence attorney can also represent you at a hearing to consider a protective order, advise you of your rights throughout any court proceeding and even assist with the expungement of your criminal record in the years to come.

When Does Domestic Violence Become A Crime Or A Felony?

There are varying degrees of criminal charges for acts like shoving another person or pulling their hair are considered misdemeanors. But your domestic battery charge may be a felony if:

  • A deadly weapon was used
  • A protective order was in place
  • The victim was particularly vulnerable
  • The offense was committed in front of a child

Attorney Maryan regularly defends clients facing serious charges who have been charged with violent crimes like sexual assault and rape, and even homicide or murder. She can represent you in any sort of domestic violence court proceeding, ensure that your rights are protected and develop a criminal defense strategy designed to protect your future as well as your freedom.

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