Serious Defense For Serious Charges

Serious And Experienced Criminal Defense For Violent Crimes

A conviction for a violent crime in the state of Indiana can bring serious consequences and penalties. Finding a criminal defense attorney with the capability to prepare a murder defense or strategically defend against domestic violence or rape charges is critical. Attorney Dorie Maryan has decades of experience. She founded Maryan Law, LLC, to represent individuals in Bargersville, Greenwood and Johnson County, and is passionate about protecting the rights and freedom of those facing charges for serious crimes.

What Are Violent Crimes?

Violent crime is a crime that is committed, while also threatening harm, causing fear of harm or actual harm or death to another. Typically, violent crimes include:

Any conviction for a violent crime is likely to bring serious consequences, including fines and potentially lengthy imprisonment. In the state of Indiana, if a firearm or gun was used in the commission of that crime, the state prosecutor can charge the crime as a higher felony and additional consequences could apply.

Serious Experience Is Necessary For Serious Crimes

No matter what violent crime you have been charged with, it is critically important to find a criminal defense attorney with enough experience to strategically and thoroughly prepare a defense on your behalf. Attorney Maryan is that attorney. She has the experience to prepare a strategic and comprehensive murder defense. She can plan a thorough and tactical domestic violence defense. She can also confidently defend against rape charges.

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