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I have a warrant because I missed court. What should I do?

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Firm News

You might think that the best option is to lay low for a bit.  Wait it out.  Get your affairs in order so that if and when you do get picked up, going to jail won’t be a catastrophe.  Those all seem like good options in the moment.  In the long term, this option never really works out well.

A Judge may use your failure to surrender on a warrant against you when it comes time to sentencing.  You might have a hard time convincing the Judge to give you a reasonable bond when you do surrender because he or she will not be convinced that you intend to appear for Court.  Also, avoiding your case and court may hinder you defense.

If you missed Court, don’t delay.  Call Dorie Maryan today.  If you made a mistake and otherwise have a good record of appearing for Court, she can help you with your case by first getting that warrant recalled.  If the warrant has been outstanding for a long time, she can help you make a plan to surrender to Court and/or the jail so that you know what to expect and have a good idea what might happen.