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I don’t have a court date yet. Do I need a lawyer?

by | Sep 18, 2023 | Firm News


So you have been arrested, released and the jail staff told you that you would receive something in the mail with your court date.  That happens a lot in certain counties that don’t immediately file charges.  In some counties, you may wait weeks or even months before charges are filed in your case.  You can cross your fingers and hope that charges don’t get filed BUT you also need to contact a lawyer immediately.  A lawyer may be able to speak with the prosecuting attorney before he or she files charges and provide him or her with information that prevents the filing of charges.  A lawyer can also speak with the prosecuting attorney and ask that lesser charges be filed based on information the client has or things that were not included in the police report.

Dorie Maryan of Maryan Law has done this on countless occasions.  In some situations, a prosecutor has declined to file charges after listening to the information provided by Ms. Maryan.  In other situations, she has been able to get lesser charges filed after the prosecutor heard from some of the witnesses who did not provide information to law enforcement.