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I Can Protect Your Rights And Your Freedom

Violent crime charges can arise from countless scenarios — including self defense. Just because you were charged with a crime like assault or battery, however, does not mean you will be found guilty. With the right criminal defense lawyer on your side, it is possible to challenge the charges in a way that minimizes the impact on you and your family.

I am attorney Dorie A. Maryan, and I can help you build a strong defense for violent crime charges. Violent crimes carry substantial penalties that can be difficult to overcome. I, however, do not believe one incident should define the rest of your life. I will help protect you no matter what charges you are facing.

What I Can Do For You

When you work with me, you will have my 15 years of experience on your side. I know the laws in Indiana and I know how to build aggressive defenses to protect my clients. If we cannot reach a favorable resolution outside of the courtroom, I will not hesitate to represent you in a trial. I was named to The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 list, so you can rest assured I have the competence to protect your interests in court.

I represent people in the Indianapolis area who have been charged with a variety of violent crimes, including:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Domestic battery
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

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The sooner you contact me, the sooner I can get started on your defense. Call me at 317-245-8629 to schedule a free consultation. You may also fill out an online contact form.