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When Your Freedom Is On the Line, I Can Help

When federal prosecutors decide to pursue criminal charges against a person, they are not joking around. If you have been accused of a federal crime or suspect you are being investigated for a federal crime, it is important to do two things: Exercise your right to remain silent and contact a lawyer.

With 15 years of experience, I know how to protect your rights and your freedom when going up against the federal government. I am attorney Dorie A. Maryan, and I have helped numerous people in Indianapolis and the neighboring areas of Indiana challenge federal crime charges.

What Is A Federal Crime?

A federal crime is a crime in which federal laws were violated. Illegal activity that would normally be considered a state crime can become a federal crime if the activity is carried out on federal property. At my firm, Maryan Law, LLC, I handle numerous types of federal crimes, including:

  • Money laundering
  • Fraud, including wire, bank and mail fraud
  • Drug crimes
  • Theft crimes
  • Counterfeiting
  • Identity theft
  • Tax fraud
  • White collar crimes

Making Sure You Understand Your Options

I take communication with my clients very seriously. When you are facing a serious criminal charge, I believe you deserve to know what is going on in your case and what your options are throughout the process. From the very beginning, I will be honest with you about the road ahead and what choices you may have to make. Because the decisions you make affect you alone, I will give you the information and guidance you need to make the right choices for you.

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You can reach me at 317-245-8629 to schedule a time to meet. You may also schedule an appointment online.