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Please note: the following results are case specific and Maryan Law, LLC makes no guarantees that the below results can be obtained in your litigation.

Dorie recently helped two different clients expunge past DUI offenses. One was a misdemeanor DUI in Marion County, IN and the other was a misdemeanor DUI in Brown County, IN.

Dorie recently defended a gentleman in a protective order hearing. His ex-girlfriend had sought a protective order against him for things that allegedly happened two years prior. The Judge denied the petition, which would have created all sorts of problems for her client in the future.

The U.S. Postal Inspector seized a significant amount of cash that Maryan's client had mailed across the country - which was going to be used as a down payment for a home. They accused her client of using the money for drug trafficking and sought its forfeiture under federal law, despite the fact that he had not broken any laws. Dorie successfully challenged the seizure.

Class C Felony robbery conviction and 22-year-old theft case were expunged. Maryan's client was barely an adult when he was convicted, but his criminal record prevented him from pursuing a career and attending college. Now he plans to do both.

Misdemeanor charges for Resisting Law Enforcement, Battery on an Officer, Public Nudity and Public Intoxication were defeated when Maryan's client was found Not Guilty.

Class B Felony Unlawful possession of a Firearm by a Serious Violent Felon dismissed after Motion to Dismiss filed identifying that defendant's prior convictions were not felonies under state law.

Class C Felony forgery charges were dismissed after counsel's investigation of private investigation firm revealed that they had misled local law enforcement and prosecuting attorney's office. In a similar case in a different county against a different defendant, counsel convinced prosecutor to reduce charges to misdemeanor given private investigation firm's misconduct.

Federal charges of possession with intent to distribute heroin were dismissed after successful litigation of motion to suppress evidence based on traffic stop which Court concluded violated defendant's 4th Amendment rights.

Class A Felony molestation charges were dismissed a week before trial after client successfully passed polygraph examination, which was given at counsel's request.

Class C Felony exploitation charges were reduced to misdemeanor after counsel demonstrated that photographs at issue were not illegal.

Class C Felony burglary charges were dismissed after counsel's investigation into allegations revealed that the prosecutor could not prove elements of felony criminal acts with which defendant was charged.